Kirsten Kelly


Studying: Honours Geomatics Co-Op at University of Waterloo

Currently: Wards 1 & 2 HCDSB Trustee Candidate


Phone: (905) 802-4524

Success has a different meaning for everyone; their being and beliefs, their accomplishments and aspirations, or the extent of their logic.

I define my success through positive impact and service.

About me

As a former Student Trustee of Halton Catholic District School Board, I understand the responsibility of having a voice and a vote at the Board table in a public education system. I understand that being elected as a board trustee is to be entrusted with the learning of thousands of students and the workplace of numbers of staff. For this reason, I made the decision to run as a Board Trustee to serve our community and help to uplift the concerns of our students and our community stakeholders.


What I believe our Halton Catholic Board needs to focus on.

Student Success

Uplifting student voice is vital to a successful education. I understand this, both as a former student trustee and a recent alumnus of Halton Catholic District School Board. Students are one of the primary demographics that are impacted by school policies and procedures; for such reasons, student success and wellbeing should be thoroughly considered when making decisions that impact them. Having been a Halton Catholic student who took on many Advanced Placement courses in high school, and graduated from an Extended French elementary school, I would like to focus on promoting such programs that further enhance students' education, including Extended French/French Immersion, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate. These programs should be accessible to students prepared to advance their education in a means that uplifts their academic merit. Ultimately, focusing on the sucess of students should allow all students to realize their full potential in a learning environment that supports them and keeps them safe.

Equity & Inclusion

I believe that all staff and students should feel safe and welcome in all school environments, regardless of ability, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. For one, students with diverse abilities should be able to be accommodated with little trouble. Students should never feel isolated or put on the spot for having them leave the class for extra support, but be able to find ways for everyone to be supportive and inclusive to all needs. To ensure this, I want to advocate for better resources and training opportunities for teachers and staff, which would help them feel more confident to work and program for students with special needs rather than solely relying on the school's Special Education Support Team. Similarly, it is essential to ensure that a diverse body is present in influential positions within the school board. Not only is this important for decision-making that impacts our schools, but it is also essential to ensure that our board is appropriately representative of our school board's student population. Students should have a mentor they can reach out to and relate to in times of need. And given the situation where students or staff feel unequipped, I would like to focus on providing informative and accessible resources for mental health and anti-bullying measures. The diversity of our school system should each have their needs not only acknowledged but also celebrated. I would advocate for different opportunities throughout the year to allow students to celebrate their differences through art, media, guest speakers, and extracurricular events. Ultimately, I would pursue an educational environment where teachers feel confident to take on a diverse class where all identities are celebrated and accepted, and students can see themselves represented and celebrated throughout our system.

Stakeholder Engagement

As an involved member in Burlington and the Halton region, I find it of utmost importance that board trustees stay involved in the community, especially in our schools. As an elected trustee, I want to make sure that the residents of Wards 1 & 2 elect me with the confidence that I will represent their interests in the Catholic school board. I believe that a trustee should put aside their own personal beliefs and opinions and listen to what the majority of students, staff, and community stakeholders are expressing. I will make sure that citizens can elect me to adequately represent the overall community in good faith.

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Romans 15:7

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.


My involvement in the community, employment, and education sectors. Click the plus icon to learn more about each position.

Student Trustee

Halton Catholic District School Board / Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021

Public Affairs Coordinator

Ontario Student Trustees' Association / Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021

Office Assistant

Compassion Society of Halton / Sep. 2021 to Nov. 2021

Program Co-Coordinator

Positive Space Network / Nov. 2020 to Sep. 2021

Co-Op Student

Justice for Children and Youth / Feb. 2022 to June 2022

Grading Assistant & Instructor

Kumon Learning Centre / Mar. 2019 to Sep. 2021

Facilitator Roster Member

Students Commission of Canada / Sep. 2021 to June. 2022

Active Alumni

Assumption Catholic Secondary School / Sep. 2017 to June. 2022

Youth Member

Burlington Youth Council / Oct. 2018 to June. 2019

Camp Counsellor

Art Gallery of Burlington / July. 2017 to Aug. 2017

Fastball Player

Burlington Amateur Softball Association / Sep. 2011
National Alliance for Children and Youth Conference 2022

Co-Presenter with Dr. Heather Lawford in discussing 'Youth Generativity' and the importance of preserving the legacy of young people

Discussed the importance of youth voice and uplifting students.

Ministry of Education's Professional Development 2021

Discussed the importance of anti-racism training to create a safer and more inclusive space for students in Ontario's Catholic & Public School Board's Anti-Racism Training


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