Facilitator Roster Member

My role in the Students Commission of Canada is very flexible, as I was in a roster. Generally, I helped to provide input on organizational projects, helped with mobilizing programs such as “Sharing the Stories” qualitative research to track the impact of experiences, and helped with regional #CanadaWeWant summits and the conference in discussing future goals and plans that youth want for the nation. I have held a #CanadaWeWant program in my region to collect input on youths’ opinions on Canada’s progress towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals, and how Canada could better achieve these goals by 2030. I have also workd on projects with a committee on the roster that focused on better uplifting youth voices.


  • Organization: Students Commission of Canada
  • Date Involved: September 2021 to June 2022
  • Type of Involvement: Community Work