Active Alumni

At Assumption Catholic Secondary School, I was a very engaged student. I was a part of many different clubs and teams, I was a consistent Honour's Student Through all years of high school, I graduated with the Canadian World Studies Award at my high school in 2021 and the Canadian Federation of University Woman Award in Burlington.

Some extracurriculars I was a part of included Model UN, our Art Club, Best Buddies, softball sports team, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Mental Health team, and Justice & Service team where I was a part of our Bottle-Free Water Bottle Collection, Bottle-Free Petition signatures, and Hot Chocolate Lunch Sales for Shifra Homes, a local shelter for young mothers in need.

At my school, I was also one of Assumption’s Student Senators; I volunteered at our school board’s yearly Anti-Bullying Event. I also visited many elementary schools to promote this anti-bullying program for students to participate in. Additionally, I distributed a survey throughout numerous classes regarding Burlington Free Bus Passes throughout my school and received the most amount of responses from the three Burlington Schools at our school board. For our international students, I represented my high school by helping out with the International Student Orientation Day and being an ambassador to the new students who planned on attending the secondary school I attended.


  • Organization: Assumption Catholic Secondary School of HCDSB
  • Date Involved: Sep. 2017 to June 2022
  • Type of Involvement: Education